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The Monterey County Emergency Medical Services Agency (EMS) is responsible for managing emergency medical transport in the County. If you have any concerns about emergency medical services or billing, you can contact the following:

Ground Transport
Calling 911 will dispatch an ambulance via EMS, but the primary provider in Monterey County is AMR Monterey County. They provide both emergency and non-emergency medical transport. In trauma cases, they will take patients to the County Level II Trauma Center at Natividad. Otherwise, they may ask you your preference for hospital (see "Hospitals and Trauma Center"  in this website).  AMR also provides CPR and safety training classes. 

AMR can be contacted as follows:
Main Phone Number: (831) 718-9555
Email: [email protected]
Address: 4548 A Street, Marina, California 93933 (since many patients often want to thank their rescuers)

Air Ambulance
CALSTAR is the regional air rescue medical transport service. It is a nonprofit entity. Again, air ambulance is dispatched via 911 but some people may want to contact CalStar after transport to thank them for their assistance.
Main Phone Number: (916) 921-4000
Email: [email protected]

CALSTAR also has a very interesting membership program:

CALSTAR offers an affordable solution through the CALSTAR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM:

For an annual fee of $45 per individual or $50 per family, a CALSTAR membership guarantees that you'll be covered for the cost of air medical services provided by CALSTAR or their reciprocal partner programs. CALSTAR memberships are available to anyone, even if you are uninsured.

Last Updated 6/1/16