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Construction Info. & Guidelines


The County Planing Department falls under the Resource Management Agency.  Their website is:
Resource Management Agency

The zoning on Carmel Point pertains to medium density housing.

For a general primer and other information about the requirements for a building or remodeling permit, see
Monterey County Planning Department

Monterey County Planning and Building Permit Guide

For the County building codes, see:  Monterey County Building Codes

County green building standards can be found at Monterey County Green Building Standards

This code incorporates the 2010 California Green Building Standards Code, also known as “CALGreen,” into the Monterey County Code and provides incentives for voluntary compliance with CALGreen measures. CALGreen uses building concepts that encourage sustainable construction practices and increase energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, and other material conservation and resource efficiency in the design and construction of buildings.

For those wishing to consult a local green architect, contact one of the authors of this site. They are listed on the home page.

Our local area has experienced an increase in the number of construction crews and homeowners who damage underground utilities by digging before ascertaining the location of gas, electric, communication, water and sewer lines. Perturbing these lines can threaten public safety, are expensive to repair, and could result in costly fines.
So, in advance of digging, call 811 for a PG&E consult.
For more information, see:  Safety Before You Dig


Check out this Monterey County site:

There are several steps you can take if you are curious about development that is proposed or under construction on a parcel. First, check the Planning Department's Accela Citizen Access (ACA) online database of active Planning and Minor applications or current construction applications and issued construction permits and their current status in our area. If a planning application is currently under consideration or a construction permit has been applied for or issued within the last 40 days, it will show up on this list. You may also contact the Planner of the Day at (831) 755-5025 or visit RMA-Planning on the second floor of the County Administration building at 168 W. Alisal in Salinas to discuss a particular project. Before visiting or calling make sure you have the specific Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) or address of your neighbor’s property. You are urged to call ahead of time so they can be sure the file is available by the time you arrive.


When planning a construction project, please remember that our lot sizes are small and streets are narrow here on Carmel Point. Being courteous of your neighbors is essential. Please ask your contractor to follow good practice such as no smoking, no radios, no trash on the street, and other such considerations that could affect your neighbors. Locking up the site each night is important for safety reasons. Ask that work vehicles be parked so they do not block driveways or create roadblocks. Insist that your contractor ensures there is sufficient room for emergency vehicles to navigate the street. If you anticipate a delivery using large vehicles such as backhoes, cement trucks, etc., please notify the neighbors who will be affected ahead of time so they can position their cars to exit if needed. They will greatly appreciate it!

Last Updated 6/19/16