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County Service Area (CSA) 1

1/24/17 Meeting Packet linked below 

The topic of discussion will be the Phase Two Peer Review of the Scenic Road Protection Project.  A follow-up review has been completed by Hiro Kasunich & Associates.  The review will be completed on Monday, January 23rd and will be distributed under separate email.  Mark Foxx for Kasunich & Associates will attend the meeting to answer questions.

CSA 1 Meetings held at Carmel Area Wastewater District meeting room, 3945 Rio Road at 5:30PM

Next Meeting:  8/3/16
Following Meeting: 10/11/16

Lagoon and Flood Management Efforts:

CSA-1's Citizens Advisory Committee has been working collaboratively with the County's Resource Management Agency and Public Works to arrive at a solution to the problems created by the barrier beach at the mouth of the Carmel River.  The Committee is also working on a plan to preserve and protect the Scenic Road bluffs and the Carmel River State Beach parking lot and rest rooms. With these goals in mind, CSA-1 engaged the services of the engineering firm Schaaf & Wheeler to conduct a peer review of the County's draft engineering design for such protection, and that review has been submitted to the County.

A Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the entire lagoon management program is planned for public release and comment in early June 2016. This EIR will recommend a preferred alternative for protecting the homes along the north side of the lagoon as well as protecting the threatened species in the lagoon area and enhancing their rearing habitat.

The most recent solution the County has employed is to lower the beach at the south end to a height where when the lagoon fills from rain storms the beach will be "naturally" breached before the houses are flooded.  The plan for an Ecosystem Protective Barrier is likely to be postponed until the success of interim sandbar management plans can be evaluated.

CSA-1 holds meetings, generally quarterly, and covers other issues relating to the neighborhood such as street lights, parking, traffic issues, etc.  All homeowners are highly encouraged to attend these meetings!

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