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The streets here were laid down as long as 100 years ago and the size and number of vehicles and the increasing number of visitors here have started to create parking, driving, and walking obstacles. Vehicles parked at intersections often obstruct the view of oncoming traffic. Also, the large number of service workers and frequent construction and remodeling of homes adds to the number of trucks taking up on-street parking.

The speed limit here is 25 mph but given the above, speeds lower than that are often prudent.
The speed limit on Scenic Road is 15 mph in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Scenic Road is routinely crowded but the inland streets are also becoming cramped, especially during holidays when both second home owners and renters are more often here. Holidays also increase the street use by young skateboarders and bicyclists. The first take-away regarding this situation is to drive and walk carefully. Secondly, residents need to abide by the the local parking requirements. According to the current County building codes: single-family homes are required to have two off-street parking spaces each, with one space required to be covered parking.

See 21.58.050 General Parking Provisions

One additional off-street parking space is required for each guest house. Converting a garage to living space is not allowed without a permit. Driveways need to be used for residential parking. Abiding by these requirements will lessen street congestion and improve safety for drivers, walkers, and their children and dogs. 


Current Monterey County regulations prohibit "camping" overnight on the streets of Carmel Point. Otherwise, there are no parking restrictions regarding overnight parking by residents and their visitors.

If you notice a strange vehicle parked overnight for an extended period of time, it's wise to call the Sheriff's Office:Monterey County Sheriff's Office non-emergency phone number: 831-647-7702

When planning a construction project, ask that work vehicles be parked so they do not block driveways or create roadblocks. Insist that your contractor ensures there is sufficient room for emergency vehicles to navigate the street. If you anticipate a delivery using large vehicles such as backhoes, cement trucks, etc., please notify the neighbors who will be affected ahead of time so they can position their cars to exit if needed.

We can help each other out by keeping our roadways clear for emergency fire and rescue personnel at all times.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Parking

Last Updated 1/7/17