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The following is according to Monterey County Resource Management Agency Planning Department:

In general, interior remodels do not require planning permits; however building permits are still required from the Monterey County Resource Management Agency's (RMA) Building Department. If your remodel includes any exterior changes (windows, doors, roof, porches, etc.) and your property zoning includes a "D" (Design Control) zoning overlay, then you will need a Design Approval for the exterior portion of the remodel.

All remodels (interior and exterior) will still need to comply with all applicable setback, coverage and height restrictions, for the property's zoning designation. For additional information, please contact the Planner of the Day at (831) 755-5025 or visit RMA's Planning Department on the second floor of the County Administration building at 168 W. Alisal in Salinas to discuss a specific proposal. Before visiting or calling make sure you have the specific Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) or address of the site.

Last Updated 6/9/16