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The issue of short-term home rentals (30 days or less) has been debated for years here.  Carmel-by-the-Sea bans rentals of less than 30 days to minimize the intrusions and safety risks in the residential areas and to provide an even playing field with inns and hotels.  Carmel Point’s regulations in this regard are controlled by Monterey County, which stated in a July 9, 2015 legal memo that, unless you operate a B&B and are regulated as such, home rentals of 30 days or less in the coastal zones are not permitted. Interpretation Memo re: short-term rentals less than 30 days

However, these regulations have been loosely enforced, and have recently become a topic of debate, as negotiations with the California Coastal Commission and groups lobbying for short term rentals ( continues.

Here is a news report about the likelihood that the County short term rental ordinance will be finalized by the end of 2016:

Many residents on Carmel Point, especially those who have lived here for years, are opposed to short-term rentals since they tend to increase noise, traffic, and other disruptions in this quiet neighborhood. Also, residents object to homes being purchased simply as rentals, since this undermines the residential character of the Point. Residents are urged to follow this issue closely, and be active in community meetings that address it.

Last Updated 6/4/16