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Water Service

Water Service

California American Water Company (Cal-Am) is the local water company.  To initiate service, contact CalAm Customer Service at 1-888-237-1333.

Since droughts have become the new norm in our area, this water company is highly invested in water conservation. Programs sponsored by CalAm to reduce water use include free “Water Wise House Calls”, free devices that limit water use, rebates for the removal of water-wasting items, and water audits.  There are rules in place on days of the week you are allowed to do outside watering.

For more water conservation information, see:

Save Water: Go Blue

Water Quality reports for our area can be obtained from:

Monterey Annual Water Quality Report (2015)

Monterey Typical Water Quality Information (2014)

Cal Am Water Pipeline Project


Last Updated 9/19/16

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