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Floods & Tsunamis

Flooding is an annual winter risk for homes built on the Carmel River lagoon. The risk is mitigated by dredging a channel through the Carmel River beach, a controversial practice described more fully in the Carmel River Beach  section of this website. Flooding can also occur anywhere along the coast in heavy winter and El Niño storms. To prepare for flooding, here are some useful websites:

Tsunamis are a natural occurrence resulting from offshore landslides and earthquakes. The 2004 Indian Ocean and 2011 Tōhoku devastating earthquakes and tsunamis remind us that California is not immune from these phenomena, since we are also on the Pacific "Ring of Fire".  These tsunamis prompted a collaboration between California and academic centers to create tsunami inundation maps that show how far inland a strong tsunami is expected to flood.

Signs of an impending tsunami include long-lasting earthquake shaking, a very loud ocean roaring, and rapid rising or receding of coastal waters. These are signs to move immediately to higher ground after the shaking stops.

For more about California tsunamis

For the tsunami inundation map of our area, see this website which shows a large inundation zone that covers the entire Carmel River Lagoon area. This map should be consulted in planning your evacuation route.

Last Updated 5/29/16