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Outdoor Lighting

Residents here value naturally dark nights, which allow residents to view the night sky, to enjoy the beaches without light intrusion, and to sleep with the windows open without neighbors' lights shining in bedrooms.

Two important regulations that govern the use of exterior lighting are:

Carmel Land Use Plan:

Exterior lighting shall be adequately shielded or shall be designed at near-ground level and directed downwards to reduce its long-range visibility.

Coastal Implementation Plan:

P. 16: Exterior lighting shall be unobtrusive and harmonious with the local area. Lighting fixtures shall be adequately shielded and designed at near-ground level so that only the intended area is illuminated and off-site glare is fully controlled.

If you're interested in learning more about the effects of outdoor lighting on the environment, as well as guidance in selecting outdoor fixtures that are the most environmentally sensitive, here's a wonderful site: Dark Sky

Last Updated 6/16/16